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We did it together!  Thanks for funding the following renovations and gifts!
  • a new academy sign was given as a gift from the class of 2010
  • a donation to the Worthy Student Fund as given by the class of 2011
  • a girls’ dormitory bathroom was renovated
  • a boys’ dormitory bathroom was renovated
  • new flooring in the boys’ dormitory
  • electrical fuse boxes and wiring replaced and repaired
  • the roof of the administration building was sealed
  • campus lighting was repaired
  • the campus greenhouse was completed
  • the campus flagpole was repaired and a new flag was provided
  • a new scoreboard was given as a class gift from the class of 2012
  • a new piano was given in memory of Joan Sutter, '55 as a gift from her family, with additional funding from the classes of 2012 and 2013, and with donations from other alumni
  • a 12-passenger van was purchased 
  • new roofs installed were on two faculty homes
  • a faculty home kitchen was renovated
  • a new transmission was installed in the academy box truck
  • funds to purchase four sugar maple trees on campus were given as a gift
  • funds for new vacuum cleaners and an a/c unit for the administration building were given as a gift
  • student scholarship money was awarded in memory of Dorothy Gibbous Raymond, '68
  • cafeteria drainage system repaired, new kitchen floor installed, and new cafeteria equipment purchased
  • the laundry room in boys’ dormitory was renovated
  • the academy was connected to village water system



A Shuttle or Coach Bus

Science Supplies & Equipment


Yearly Subscription Fee of $200 for Library Catalog Software

Ceramics Kiln


 Both time and money are needed to help us reach our goals. If you would like to become involved, please contact the development department or email us at  When you send a financial donation for our projects, please indicate how you would like your gift to be used.