About the USA Alumni Association



Greetings fellow Alumni, Friends, Family, and Supporters,

Your alumni association is once again an active organization!  As you know, approximately 30 years ago our association transferred all of its responsibilities to the development department at Union Springs Academy, and since then, we’ve been relatively inactive with the exception of planning our alumni weekends.

Well, that has changed.  In the summer of 2011, the executive committee of the alumni association asked Union Springs Academy for permission to once again become an active partner with the academy in an attempt to refocus our association’s mission, and to reenergize our alumni in meeting USA’s short and long-term support needs.

Since gaining USA’s support of once again becoming an organization directed by its alumni, we basically tossed out every aspect of our old organization and came in with new ideas, methods, procedures, and certainly a new vision of what an alumni association should encompass.  For the first time in decades we have an active association, and partnership with both USA and the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  What this means is that all parties have agreed to work together for the betterment of our school, where we all met, where we grew up together, learned to support each other, and where still today we remain friends.

With this new partnership our alumni association once again finds itself in its infancy, and in great need of support from its alumni in a wide variety of ways.  The only partnership we need to strengthen now is our partnership with you.  Our organization is one of service and community, and service to that community.  We are no longer simply the alumni weekend party planners of yesteryear.  Our mission is clear….we are organizational partners with Union Springs Academy, our alma mater, and our only goal is to bring together those alumni, friends of the academy, and supporters who wish to get connected in various ways to that community.

Our alumni populous consists of approximately 5000 total individuals from around the world.  There is no membership to this association; only a partnership of those willing to serve.  Our organizational doors are open and we welcome our alumni, their families, present and past faculty members, churches, supporters, friends of our academy, and simply those who wish to join in our mission.

As a Christian-based academy, our school becomes within itself a small Christian community, and likewise those who are searching for areas to use their skills and talents; our academy can be a great place of opportunity.   But a Christian community is only as good as those citizens who comprise it.  We hope that each of you will find time to use your talents and finances to improve the experiences of those students and faculty now who walk the hallways and grounds of Union Springs Academy.

We hope that all these changes represent a new, revitalized community in which we can all come together with a common desire and goal, combine our skills and talents, and become a true and responsible organization for the students and faculty of Union Springs Academy.

Thank you all in advance for your support, for without you, this organization would not exist.