Campus Renovation Week Archives

Campus Renovation Week Archives

2015 Campus Renovation Week!
June 7-12, 2015

Sixty volunteers donated their time, skills, and enthusiasm to completing projects in both dorms and the cafeteria over the course of six days.  Over $50,000 was raised through donations to complete many projects that strengthen our physical campus and contribute to our students' success.  We extend our gratitude to the individuals and groups who donated for the event and those who spent a day or several days helping make this event happen.

Our 2015 projects
-remodeling of boys' dorm bathroom 
-replacement of cafeteria and girls' dorm windows (happening end of June)
-replacement of eleven room doors in the girls' dorm 
-new tile floor in gym foyer 
-handicapped access ramp added to gym entrance
-new gutters for girls' dorm and gymnasium (happening soon)
 -new exterior doors for girls' dorm 
-new exterior doors in the administration building 
-student chapel repainted
-weeding and mulching done in campus flowerbeds
-installation of new window wells outside the cafeteria
-reorganization of the school library and commencement of computer cataloging project
-painting at Frontenac Elementary School


March 16-21, 2014
Our First Renovation Week

With labor contributed from over 100 volunteers and financial support from church members, alumni, and others who believe in the value of Christian education, we completed much-needed restoration to an institution that has prepared hundreds of students for service in the world beyond its doors.  During the March Campus Renovation Week, participants took an active part in the stewardship of our physical facility by caring for the buildings God has entrusted to us for the training of our young people.  Thanks to many generous donations, we exceeded the $50,000 goal needed to purchase contruction materials and fund other expenses of the event!  

2014 Project Areas

(Click here to see our "before" video of a sampling of projects!)

Boys’ Dorm
Completely demolished one bathroom
Repainted first floor hallway and main lobby
Put a new roof on dorm lobby and chapel
Repaired water damage in dorm chapel 
Remodeled guest quarters
Remodeled laundry room

Painted dining room and updated lighting fixtures
Remodeled girls' bathroom

Girls’ Dorm
Completely demolished one bathroom
This bathroom was completed over the summer.

Painted ceiling & walls
Painted USA Eagles mural on the wall
Put new supports under the stage area
Installed new PA system

Repaired roof over chicken coop
Installed water hydrant in chicken coop
Built new nesting boxes
Installed thermostat control and new receptacles in greenhouse