Why Direct Education?

Why Direct Education?

Our Mission
Teaching Students, not Subjects.
Creating life long learners who want to serve Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior.

Our Vision for Union Springs Academy
USA operates in order to produce students who are God-directed to make choices based on eternal principles. They are to be critical thinkers, not settling for accepting the thoughts of others without assessing it for themselves.
Instruction will be organized using project-based learning. The learning is to be as practical and real-to-life as possible. Their learning will not be limited to the classroom, but encompass their entire community.
Direct Education is chosen to develop independent thinking and personal creativity. The greater variety of subjects empowers the student to individualize his or her program encouraging choices and leading to an understanding of personal responsibility.
The students will demonstrate they have accomplished this by completing projects. These projects will require them to gather, evaluate and analyze information, then organize and present to others what they have learned.
The process will teach them to be supportive of others’ learning, providing opportunity to mentor those newer to the system.
This entire process will develop life skills that can be used in any area of service that the student chooses. This will enable our students to go beyond merely memorizing facts, allowing them to become life long learners.