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Recap of the 2015-16 school year, Summer Edition.

Fall Picnic

Each year students gather at the USA ball field for a day of fun and games. Some activities included relay races and water slides. These activities are designed to bring the classes closer together while allowing them to have a good time.


State Fair Day

Last year the students enjoyed a day of fun and education at The New York State Fair.

Walk Through Bethlehem

Around Christmas time, students put on a play depicting the birth of Jesus. The live nativity is spread out all around the campus and guides lead groups through ”Bethlehem,” showing what it might have been like at the time of Jesus’ birth. Walk Through Bethlehem is a great witnessing opportunity and every student participates.

S.A. Christmas Party

Our Student Association works hard each year to put together a Christmas party for all the students. Activities are planned, a special dinner is served, and presents are given. The highlight of the Christmas party is when Santa comes out to take pictures with the students.


Four Tickets to Christmas

This past year the students put on a musical production called “Four Tickets to Christmas”. The play was presented twice and was used as a fund raiser for the senior class.


Passion Play

The highlight of each student’s year is The Passion Play. This musical drama is shared each year on Easter weekend. The play depicts the life of Jesus in a very touching and detailed way. Every student is involved in some way, whether behind the scenes or as a character in the life of Jesus.



Two times a year a reception banquet is planned. Students dress up, eat a fancy dinner, and then watch a movie. Reception is a special night that students can enjoy with friends and get off campus.

Special thanks to Brook Garlock, our student secretary, who acts as reporter for this page!