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Work Life at Union Springs Academy

At Union Springs Academy, work is an important part of education. It helps students development good work ethic and provides a way for them to defray part of their school expenses. A student’s age, class load, health, and ease of learning will be considered in choosing a work assignment.  It is expected that all dormitory students will be employed in some type of work on or off campus for a minimum of 10 hours per week. State law prohibits students under the age of 14 from working. Village students are not guaranteed employment.  The student will be paid for his or her work using a scale based on experience and quality of work. It will be processed through the student payroll for on-campus jobs. Union Springs Academy makes no guarantee regarding the amount a student will earn toward expenses.  This will largely depend upon the individual. The monthly financial statement will reflect the amount of student labor earnings. The academy will assign students to departments where work is available. Refusal to work at a job assignment may result in loss of employment and financial aid. Refusal to work or the loss of a job may jeopardize the student’s continuation at Union Springs Academy. It is the student’s responsibility to meet all work assignments. If the student has a conflict with work due to school scheduling, such as a choir trip, and will be missing work, the student must notify his or her work supervisor prior to the occurrence. If a student is ill and cannot meet his or her work appointment, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the work supervisor. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep his/her parents and the academy work supervisor informed, if he/she is not being  assigned the number of work hours agreed upon at the time of registration. A student who wishes to work at an off-campus job must apply for permission BEFORE agreeing to take the job. The location of the business, the hours of work, the manner of getting to the job, and parental permission must be included in a petition to the faculty. Grades and citizenship will be taken into consideration before permission is granted. One of the major goals of the work experience program is to teach responsibility, consistency, and perseverance. If a student is fired from his/her job, no reassignment of work will be guaranteed. All earnings from industries and campus jobs are designated for the student’s tuition account at USA and not for the student’s personal use.