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Donations: How Can I Help? 

When I designate money to
 USA Alumni Association for:
(please mark fund(s) and amounts clearly)

                                            The money I donate will:

Alumni Weekend Expense Fund

Help us raise funds to replenish our Alumni Weekend Expense Account and provide upcoming annual Alumni weekend events.

General Expense Fund

Help us stay connected through chapter meetings with our alumni plus other misc. expenses.

Communications Fund

Help us stay connected with our Alumni and keep them updated on events at Union Springs Academy while keeping our mailing and emailing list current. We will attempt to do this by sending a complete mailing of the ReEchoes once a year and a partial mailing along with emailing and posting the ReEchoes 3 times a year.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds

General Alumni Scholarship-based on academics Student of Alumni Parent or Grandparent (or step) Class of ’61 Scholarship-based on class prerequisites Class of ’55 Scholarship-based on class prerequisites Financial Aid-Based on student need

Brick Fund

Buy a $75 brick, with 3 lines inscribed on it for the “Circle of Friends” walkway. The $55 proceeds help with Alumni expenses, Scholarships, Special Projects and Financial Aid.

Other Funds

Alumni Weekend Church Offering, Memorials/Bequests, “5-K Eagle Run” at Campmeeting, Alumni Store or Alumni Weekend Table purchases where partial proceeds go to help the Alumni Funds

Thank you for your generosity!