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Registration Fee

Every student will be charged a yearly NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee. This fee includes, but is not limited to Student Association, Club, and Class dues, yearbook, library, insurance, testing fees, and registration costs.

Standard Cafeteria Charges

The Cafeteria operates under a “flat-rate” plan, with a maximum of $380 charged per month (spread over 10 months). The cafeteria charge is based on a daily minimum of $16 for each in-residence day in the school calendar. Students are encouraged to take all they want, but to eat what they take. Vegetarian menus are planned in advance. The menu is subject to change. Refunds will not be given for missed meals. Exceptions may be made when the student is absent for an extended period of time (a minimum of two weeks) due to illness. Any refund would begin with the third week of such an absence.

Room Deposit

Students are responsible for any damage to their room beyond normal wear. A $100 room deposit is required of each dorm student, refundable when the student leaves school, provided no damage has occurred.


Textbooks and class supplies are not included in the basic installment fee. Students should expect to pay $300 to $350 for textbooks. Parents should purchase textbooks before Registration from the textbook list provided. A limited supply of used textbooks are sold at Registration on a first-come, first-served basis and the cost varies.

Lab Fees

Some courses require a fee to cover equipment and supply costs. A $30 lab fee will be charged for the corresponding classes.

Music Lessons

Private music lessons are provided on a contract basis with various music teachers. These cannot be charged to student’s tuition account. Fees and arrangements are made individually with the teachers at Registration.

Instrument Rental

The music department has a limited number of instruments available for use by students participating in private lessons or band for a nominal rental fee of $45.

Music Concert Attire

Students belonging to Choir will need to purchase concert attire. The cost is $77, and can be charged to the student’s account. Parents must pay that amount on their first tuition statement. Some used uniforms may be available.

Home Leave Transportation

The academy will provide home leave van service, as long as there are a sufficient number of students desiring the service. The travel route will include the following areas: Syracuse Transportation Center (Bus and Train), and drop off points, as arranged,  along Interstate 90 to South Lancaster, MA. Charges are made to each student to cover the cost of the trip and are generally competitive with commercial fares. Students are required to sign up and pay cash in advance for home leave trips. Home leave transportation schedules and fees will be available at Registration.

Graduation Fee and Senior Survival

Seniors will be charged a graduation fee of $75 to cover cap, gown, tassel, cords, diploma, and related graduation expenses. A $25 fee will be charged for the expenses incurred on the Senior Survival weekend.

Junior Heritage Tour

The Junior Class has the privilege of touring Washington D.C. for several days in the fall. A $75 charge helps to defray travel and field trip expenses.

Sports Teams

Varsity Soccer and Basketball team members will be charged $75 each to be on the team, and an estimated $50 more for Team Uniforms.

Dorm Appliances

Each appliance, such as refrigerator and microwave will incur a $30 charge.