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You can grow and make a difference at Union Springs Academy. Here are some ways to make that dream a reality!


  • Contact us! We are eager to find a way to help you.
  • Find a summer job. Ask everybody you know. Even babysitting and yard work can add up! 
  • Work during the school year.  Students work on campus during the school year at various jobs.  Most students average approximately $1500 per school year.
  • Apply for Matching Grants.  Many churches offer financial assistance to the youth in their congregation.  Union Springs Academy and the New York Conference participate in providing matching funds.
  • Solicit Work Sponsorships
  • Apply for USA Financial Aid

Pray!  God has a thousand ways to provide for you, including a Christian Education at Union Springs Academy.

Many students are able to pay a substantial amount of their tuition though financial assistance.  Please call 315-889-7314 for more information.

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