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Refer A Student

Scholarship Program

Why Union Springs Academy?

There are so many reasons why we want you to come experience life at Union Springs Academy. Here are just a few: 

  • Grow your relationship with Jesus at a Christ-centered school

  • Enjoy the peace and beauty of country life

  • Experience school-wide spiritual activities, such as Passion Play, Walk through Bethlehem, Christ in Focus weeks, community outreach programs, and mission trips

  • Make lifelong friends in a family-like environment

  • Build a strong work ethic with our work-study program

  • Get to know teachers and staff who genuinely care about you and your success

  • Experience smaller class sizes that allow for one-on-one help from the teacher

  • Build a strong academic foundation with meaningful core classes and the opportunity to take college-level courses

  • Develop and grow your musical abilities in choir and/or band

  • Participate in our competitive or recreational sports programs (featuring soccer, basketball, and volleyball)

  • Get involved in the arts through drama or art class



Who should I refer?

Students entering grades 9-12 who are looking for something more meaningful from their high school experience. We are looking for a variety of students who can bring many perspectives and talents to enrich our school. Each potential student will need to go through the admissions process where careful consideration will be given to their application.  


Please note that we cannot accept referrals for students related to the individual.


What should I say?

Share your own experience at Union Springs Academy. You can also invite them to schedule a visit at Union Springs Academy or take part in one of the programs for potential students.


How do I make a referral?

Making a referral is easy. You simply fill out this refer-a-student form. There are a few required fields including:




Upcoming Grade


The Academy admissions team will follow up with individual attention to the student you recommended. If referred student is accepted and enrolled into Union Springs Academy for the upcoming semester, the admissions team will reach out to you regarding the Refer-A-Student scholarship. 


Let's Get Started

What is your affiliation with USA?
Relationship to the person you are referring
Student's Grade (Upcoming Fall Semester)
Thanks for submitting a referral!
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