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Skills Week  - July 21-27, 2024
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Questions and Answers

Is there a cost?


Skills Week is of no charge to first time students up until June 30th.  For those who have attended a Skill Week in the past, the fee is only $50 up until June 30th.  All students who register after June 30th the fee is $100.  If your child would like to take Horses or Drones class,  there will be a additional fee of $50 due by check-in day on Sunday, July 21. All fees can be paid on our school website. 


What should I bring?


Bible, sleeping bag, pillow, casual clothing for a week, church attire for Sabbath service, one-piece modest bathing suit, water sandals or flip flops, bathroom/shower items, beach towel, shower towel, and a water bottle. Optional: Students can bring a fan for their room.


What documents must I complete and/or bring?


We will need a copy of your medical insurance card/information with child's name. Secondly, a consent to treat form, and a medical statement needs to be   completed.  Important: Please upload all documents below or email to

Documents can also be brought with your child to Skills Weeks registration/check-in on Sunday, July 21. Bringing a pre-copied document will be helpful.


Where will this program take place?


Union Springs Academy

40 Spring Street Road

Union Springs, NY 13160


Upon your arrival, first head to the gymnasium (located next to a large parking lot on top of the school) for registration/check-in. After the students check-in they will be given clearance to go check in the dorms and get settled.


What should I be aware of?


Please arrive to the school by 3 PM EST on Sunday, July 21, when registration/check-in begins.


Parents are welcome to join our Sabbath Service at 11 AM on Saturday, July 27. Additionally, a fellowship meal will be provided for guests. Students can go home with their families after lunch. 


Cell phones are allowed but will not be permitted throughout the day unless for class purposes. However, children will be permitted to use their cell phones for limited times in the evening. 

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