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Diploma Requirements

Union Springs Academy offers three diplomas and a certificate of attendance. 

• The General Diploma meets the  class credit requirements for graduation as outlined by the NY State Department of Education and the Atlantic Union Conference Office of Education.

• The College Preparatory Diploma requires 7 credits in laboratory sciences and analytical mathematics, and three credits of a foreign language.  The College Preparatory Diploma or the Honors Diploma provides the best preparation for SAT and ACT tests and for college admissions.

• Candidates for the Honors Diploma must meet requirements for the College Preparatory Diploma as well as what is listed under “Honors Diploma”.

Honors Diploma

1. College Prep Diploma requirements listed above

2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25

3. At least two classes completed within the honors program.

4. At least on honors research project written and presented or approved alternative. 

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