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Dorm Resources

Girls Dorm

The girls dorm, Sunset Hall, built in 1949, is the oldest building on the campus. It has been home away from home to thousands of girls for over seventy-five years. The family atmosphere in the dorm is welcoming to our new students which helps them to build lifelong friendships.  Throughout the year special memories are made in the girls dorm with fun activities and group games planned by the Girls Club officers and the deans. The deans are committed to provide a safe place for our girls to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. 

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Boys Dorm

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The boys dorm, Capman Hall has been impacting the lives of young men since 1957, by bringing them closer to Jesus and maturity, by providing residents with a Christ-like, safe, healthy and supportive family-like environment. There is a sense of brotherhood among the boys as they look out for each other socially, academically and spiritually. Life in the boys dorm includes students studying together, working out in the weight room, playing ping pong, worshipping in the chapel, having Bible studies, or just relaxing. The boys’ dean leads by example to helping his boys focus on becoming hard working, respectful, and honorable men of God.  

Capman Hall Handbook
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