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Union Springs Academy continues to enthusiastically prepare its students for spiritual and academic excellence now and for eternity. Investing in education at Union Springs begins with a journey to success.  The dividends include:

  • Lifetime friendships

  • Warm memories

  • Career training/Job experience

  • Vibrant relationship with Christ

  • Leadership training and experience

  • College Preparatory High School Education

To help cover the cost of education, Union Springs offers a variety of financial aid options. The business office works with each family individually, based on parents’ income level. Our goal is to make Union Springs as affordable as possible for every student!

Can I afford Union Springs Academy?


Since USA opened in 1921, thousands of students, rich and poor, have found, through sacrifice and faith in God, a way to pay for Christian Education. Worthy Student Funds, Work Scholarships, Church matching programs, and student employment are some of the ways Union Springs can help. Both the Business Manager and the Development Director are here to help you through the process. Simply call 315-889-7314 to get started or request more information by clicking here.

Financial Aid Information

USA Scholarship Funds are awarded to eligible students up to a maximum of $2,000. Financial need is determined by USA and the Finance Committee, based on information from the Parents’ Federal Income Tax Return. To apply, fill out the Financial Aid Application.

Church 3-Way Matching Scholarship up to $4,000 is awarded to students who are being sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist churches within the New York Conference (3 way matching between your local SDA church, the NY Conference, and USA). For more information, refer to the 2-way/3-way Eligibility Information.  To apply, fill out the 2-way/3-way Church Matching Scholarship Application.

Church 2-Way Matching Scholarship with a maximum possible of $2,800 is awarded to students being sponsored by an SDA church outside the New York Conference. For more information, refer to the 2-way/3-way Eligibility information.  To apply, fill out the 2-way/3-way Church Matching Scholarship Application.

Southern New England Conference SET Scholarship for $3,000 awarded to qualifying students.

Northern New England Conference Scholarship is awarded to students who qualify up to $250.

Work Sponsorships may be solicited to increase your student’s earnings through friends, family members, or local businesses. A Work Sponsor pledges to pay a student a certain amount per hour of work at their assigned job at Union Springs Academy. For example, if a student works two hours per day, and they get four sponsors who pledge to pay them $0.25 per hour, they would be earning $1 more per hour than minimum wage. Or, the work sponsor can pledge a predetermined amount per month. 

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